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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hey Mister, Hey Sister, can you spare me a $5'er?

We have found 2 places ready to rent to us however I had to pay a debt which was brought to our attention that is blocking us from finding a place (costing us $440 from our fund). So Hey Mister, Hey Sister, can you spare a Fiver? If 640 people donate $5 we can make it tomorrow, that is if you all donate just this amount in the next twenty four hours. First and last is $3390 for this one place that said yes today…the other I am still waiting on getting the paper work saying this "problem" got cleared off my credit report before I call to ask if it is still available. I have donated a $1 recently to a friend who is trying to publish her book on healthy eating via Kickstarter. She is awesome & she donated $25 to our goal. She is an artist like myself and a really great gal. The more of you who donate, the faster we can make our goal. Moving is going to happen but the places are not going to wait while we get our finances in order. Last week I got surprised with a car repair. I know times are tough, and those of you I am asking from to help with our donations, know I wouldn't be asking if the rock in front of me wasn't impossible for me to move by myself, but it is, so can you donate $5 to a really great family and help us move? Of course if you want to donate more, I certainly am not going to persuade you to not do that. :-) Thank you so much. Please help us move sooner than later, this is very nerve racking. Here is the link: or you can contact me here.  Thank you.  As a part of the funding, your donation of more than $5 gets you my art as a thank you gift…please check out the link for go fund me, it has everything you need to know there!


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