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Saturday, September 08, 2012

"The Girl Who Wore Many Hats" ©2012 JPDenyer

This weeks Illustration Friday word is "Imagination", something I feel I was born with an over abundance of, that is imagination.  One day while cleaning in the kitchen a sentence popped into my head.  Now, while this is not that unusual to me, I am always getting thoughts about a variety of things, this one was a bit louder than the others so I stopped. what I was doing and jotted it down.  That sentence soon mushroomed into a full blown children's story, which then started me to create a series of drawings to illustrate the story, which is about me so to speak.  I like the story, however I have drifted away from it a bit with the responsibilities I must pay attention too, however tonight, I asked my children, to chose one of two drawings I was thinking of submitting and this one, won hands down.  So here is my entry, hope you like it and if you do, well encourage me to finish the drawings and get the story published!  All artists need encouragement and support, I am no different!  That sentence is also the title of my story, "The Girl Who Wore Many Hats" and takes you through very important moments in her life. ©2012 JPDenyer


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