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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Does this say "Burst"?

The word this week at Illustration Friday is "Burst".  As I pondered what I had in my cache of cool drawings, which at times feels like centuries of drawing I've done that could best describe this weeks word, I came across this drawing.  I drew it when I had realized I had forgotten something really important and I believe it was a family member's birthday, however when I drew it remains a mystery.  This is what a  burst of emotion moment feels like to me in picture form. I always liked this drawing because of its' comical point of view. This drawing is my interpretation of me having a "burst" of coherency, just as it arrives in one's mind and says very loudly, "Duh!"

Every have one of those moments?  It seems so simple, you are lost in thought about what you forgot and it eludes you until that moment occurs, then you scream out loud a single word where the people around realize you have been talking to yourself and they are not part of this conversation.  As these strangers start to shake their heads and mutter to themselves about your sanity, you smile, just like a crazy person, because the moment of sanity just came back and you can move forward with your life knowing you remembered what had been eluding you.

Thank you Illustration Friday, once again, for providing me with an outlet for my work!


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