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Monday, August 20, 2012

Who Are You?

Who are you?

This was the headline from a recruiting firm who send me an occasional e-mail.  Today's was a pitch to make me feel better, believe more in myself and to stay strong in the face of overwhelming diversity during the wane of the August days. The writer wrote "…what's stopping you from becoming…" and then I was to fill in the blank with the usual excuses he suggested, things I put before myself to make achieving my goals longer and farther away than today.  Then once I read the list, the writer countered with "…who will you decide to be tomorrow?"

So in his words, "…these fading days of summer…" I will share with all of you who I am, as I became this person many, and I mean many years ago, long before this writer inspired me to share what I felt is a private affair, my life.  My gal pal will be pleased to know, the thing I created in my mind those many years ago with her, about people like myself.  She and I are people, who in the face of daunting situations and overwhelming odds, are know as the UNIQUE SQUAD, and she and I are a very big part of a small group of Unusual, Nice, Individuals, who Quite Uniquely do Everything needed to stay ahead of the rest of the crowd and still create an invaluable contribution to life.  

She has chosen a very hard profession, she is a family counselor hearing the most horrid of stories, I have accepted my life path, which has it pitfalls too, as it is the life of an artist.

We share our woes privately with each other in a place that is safe for us to cry, scream and feel safe with our disappointments so we may return to the world as William Wallace, a man more commonly known as "Braveheart" and one who fought for truth and honor among his fellow man in spite of known and unknown odds.

I am brave.  I am willing to continue as I always have, however as I grow a year here and there in my life, age has slowed down my stride, not my vision nor my passion.  My gal pal and I bolster each other to stay strong, to believe the path we were given is worth traveling and getting up in the morning to face our days of living in our dreams.  We are brave and we have big hearts, ones we share willing to those who need our love and our strengths.  And we do not rely on excuses, there is no one to save us but ourselves.  We accept the help of those who share our triumphs and lovingly accept their offers of help to achieve the long term goals we still seek, because we love these people as much as we love ourselves and the paths that intertwine our lives and stories. 

So, I have always been the person who I was supposed to become and I believe in me more than all combined.  I wavered once, long ago and far away, and it only lasted a day, until I looked at my life from the point of view as if I were a woman living in the old west.  This type of woman would do what ever it took to survive when an unordinary woman had to survive the challenges of being alone in the world of the new frontier, the Old West.

So as I continue to become, I now alter my path as I see fit, to reach the lofty goals I dreamed of when in my youth and still dream the impossible dream.  There is no one but me to say "No" to me, but me, this I have always believed.  Those who know me, know this is true.  And I say thank you to those who are with me now, for I still believe the dream for me and for them.

UNIQUE SQUAD, such an awesome phrase and still is, welcome aboard!


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JP - thanks for honoring me with your comments on my post this week!


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