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Monday, September 17, 2012

Pet Portraits for your Event

On Sunday, September 16th, I had the great honor of being the portrait artist at Pet Centric's annual Client Appreciation Party.  Wendy Fisher, owner, called me to be a part of her event and to meet the clients she works with, providing pet care, feeding, walking, and training tips through her company.

It was a beautiful day up in Santa Barbara and I was there for about three hours.  During this time, Wendy mingled with her guests, told great stories about pet adventures, served delicious food and wine, and of course, romped with a few pets who tagged along.

During the event I presented three of her clients with beautiful, hand drawn pet portraits, in pencil pastel all on 9" x 12" paper.  Drawing is my favorite pastime, as I have been drawing since the age of two.  The first two clients had photos on their cell phones and one had a printed photo, as per Wendy's Invitation to her guests, who were encouraged to bring their favorite photos of their pets with them to the party. 

The first portrait was on a Blackberry phone screen of Blackie and Honey, two adorable cats sitting on either side of a vase of dried Red Lantern Flowers.  The image was no more than the size of the length of my thumb, so I did my best to capture their personalities quickly.  The next portrait was on a larger cell phone of Boo Boo, an adorable small black dog with Chihuahua mix, sitting in her pink harness and waiting to play catch with the yellow ducky at her feet.  The final portrait of the day was Lily, a beautiful Russian Blue colored cat, whose proud owner, Jennifer, was on hand to help Wendy with all of the guest's needs that day, including helping me from getting lost as I drove to the event.

The three clients all expressed their joy at how I captured their loving pet's personalities and commented they would be framing my portraits when they got them home.  I love to see  and hear the joy when I do portrait work, as it is the greatest gift I can get. I have always had a love of animals, as does Wendy and her Pet Centric Crew, which could be seen in the calm presence of the pets in attendance.

I look forward to seeing photos in the future of the framed portraits and I thank Wendy again for a lovely day in Santa Barbara! Pet Portraits by JP Denyer


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