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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In the Land of MOO, tiny business cards

Got an e-mail yesterday from a company I learned through my Etsy store.  Etsy and  had collaborated together, publicizing a special offer too good for me to turn down, so I participated in the fun and now I am the proud owner of tiny business cards from  The e-mail I got yesterday was a notification there were only five days left to submit my "story" - which was really my answers to three sets of three questions Moo posed for the chance to win one of four prizes, top prize $7500.

Dressed in my bathrobe, fresh from the shower and in between the many worlds I conquer these days, I sat down to write out my responses to their questions.  Towards the end, my son was reminding me to get dressed as "time was fleeting" and we had to be somewhere to view a new residence; one of my  missions to conquer is that we are moving, however I am not sure where as we have not found a replacement place as of yet.  Clock is ticking here and getting louder daily.

My Business card from,
more info is printed on backside of card!
So there I was, describing my answers and thought to myself, "This would make a great addition to my blog," so I chose to post it here as well.  My life is pretty different from most, and I believe in believing there are better things to come, despite all the trials and challenges I face.  So cross your fingers, speak on my behalf to the world about me, how great it would be and nice as well, to pluck me from the masses who have already responded in this contest, by choosing the World of JP to win first place!  Thanks.  Here's my story as of yesterday:

"I was two when I realized I was filled with an incredible gift and creation was only the start of it.  When I was four I drew the house across the street the size of a postage stamp and felt it looked remarkably like the house across the street, not some weird child like drawing.  Then I wanted to grow up to be a Mama Butterfly, then a Veterinarian and lo and behold the Universe turned my head around when faced with Trigonometry and back to art it was.  Today I feel empowered still, learning the ways of business and that is when I came across Moo Cards.  When I hand my Moo Business Card creation to a new potential customer, I notice a slight jerk of their head to the side, their eyes widen and I smile knowingly I have made a great decision to have these in my bag to hand out in my daily travels.  You are helping me market my magic! Thanks!

The future is my oyster in life, grinding the pearl of a talent I was so lovingly graced with before I was born.  Everyday and every minute of every day I network my life to inspire others, give away what I got so nicely, again, before I was born, because knowledge is power, well so is creativeness and I have been blessed in being able to give this to children for one hour, two days a week, in two schools locally.  I am teaching them to draw. Their faces and concentration is so uplifting for me, my daughter commented how I return in such a great mood after a teaching class!

I am in love with what I do as I have nothing else to make me feel as good as I do when I do it.  Sharing it for free and or getting paid for it is what I live for, if I didn't do it, as an astrologer told me once, I would end up incarcerated, so I think doing my art is a much better choice for my life than not doing it.  I get lost for hours, stray back into it when I drive, by pondering the visions I see or don't see, but imagine in my head.  I don't think my career is one I will retire from for awhile or stop until I pass over to the other side of life!

Obstacles seem to follow me everywhere I go.  Currently I am moving, looking for a job as I have been unemployed from my career for one year seven months now, I also run an Etsy store, have garage sales to help with the move, pack, tweet about my store, my life, I blog, I post my art, I write and post, I share all the time and stay compliant with the rules and regulations of unemployment law, which is look for full time employment; until I am employed again or create a reasonable financial fund, I am dependent on EDD's support these days.  I love my world of Art and it has been very few times I feel I have run into an obstacle I couldn't figure out.  I ponder in my mind 24/7 so there is always an idea germinating there.  Obstacles are only one idea of germination that gets pushed to the top of the priority list and viola, the answer comes to me from the guides who listen to my thoughts and help me along.

I believe in maintaining the goals others have by giving them the information I have gained over the 59 years I have spent on this planet.  While my life has not progressed for me in a successful way business wise, it has guided me to where I am today and going forward is the best part of this solution.  When in doubt, my guides of life tell me how to solve a problem, I check it out with my buds and listen to their thoughts about how great or not so great a path the new obstacle solution idea is.  Generally they think I am brilliant, but I am nothing more than a unique soul with an incredible gift, carving a section of the world for others to entertain or enjoy with me.

I have learned in business to accept the gifts given to me graciously, and to listen more than to react to their thoughts.  These too are the gifts given to me and they are doing what they believe is what will work to help me move the obstacle.  It is for me to decide how to venture down the paths I take and my responsibility to follow through without finding blame or fault with any one but my ability to read road signs as I go.  Those road signs in life can be very confusing, which is why I think it is finally beginning to make sense to me.  I think my slow learning is what makes me strong and able to share my kick ass point of view in life with others.

My gift makes me special as I am a renaissance artist in this graphic design world and I possess many talents which surprise me every day I wake up.

My potential for growth is in the inspirations found in the moments brought to me by living.  Last night a bird flew into our home and I was able to rescue it from my Buddy, the dog who is also my personal muse, and when I looked into the eyes of the bird, which I held in my hand, I only wish I could have captured the look the bird was giving back to me in photos.  However this image is burned into my mind, inspires me today to move forward because I don't believe the bird was as frightened when in my hands than when being cornered by Buddy in the bathroom.  That is how I find inspiration, by sharing every part of the goodness and the badness turned into goodness each day then sharing it with life and my two kids, who I feel very responsible for.  They are about to be sent out of my nest, (our home) as they are 19 & 23 - and who, just like that bird we let go back outside last night,  will soar the way I do each day with the joy of this remarkable world I call the Art of JP.

My customers like what I do, I think, because what I do makes them happy.  These people are surprised at my talent versus my place in the business world as they believe I should be farther than where I am.  I do too, however I also believe there are reasons why I am where I am today.  Not of all of the reasons are due to my efforts in this life, but my reincarnated past I am also learning about, thank you to a book I read this year on Edgar Cayce and his remarkable gift to the world.  The peace I find in the life I believe I led and the one I lead today, plus my ability to understand the learning power I grasp, is something I did not come to by myself, but through the strange and funny connections I have made in my life.  Even the people who are customers are a type of family I get a short period to enjoy.  With each connection I have with them, I inspire them with my silliness.  I smile knowing I have given them the best I have to offer and see that in the comments they make back to me via the internet or in my day to day.  So thank you MOO Cards, because whether I am selected or not, really doesn't matter.  Like my oyster I grind the pearl inside, polishing it with a gusto for the life I have been given and hope for the best by moving it along with my face to the Sun and Stars - I only sleep about 4-6 hours a day.   :-)"


At 9:58 PM, Blogger Waseem said...

like the post and all the useful info you have shared..i really enjoyed reading it..might be useful when using plastic business cards.

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At 2:24 PM, Blogger The Old Fogey said...

I loved reading about your life and how you felt about yourself, your past and your future. I appreciate your talent and hope that will see it as well and rewards you
for your positive attitude.

At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Austin from here. I just wanted to jump in here and say that although Moo is an amazing company, their print quality is entirely digital and very average. If you're looking for more custom finishes and premium paper stocks, c'mon over to our site and give us a try. We'll even throw in a 10% off coupon just for the heck of it.


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