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Friday, October 12, 2012

Water, many can live without shelter, no one can live without water.

The headline for this weeks post is a statement I created long ago and far away when I worked for a company whose business it was to develop the quality and the ease of water being consistent from one place to another, everywhere you went in the world.  They designed filtration systems and it was my job to make them look good in print.

We as humans need water to survive.  In fact every living creature and organism needs water to survive, it is the basis of life.  That is why in space exploration, discovering water on a distant planet is so important to scientist, it gives them belief there might be an existence of life, or one may have existed there before we made a discovery.

Illustration Friday's word this week is water and at first I thought, what could I submit.  Most of the pieces I have in my portfolio, which reflect the essence of water, were created with photoshop utilizing someone else's photographs of their stop action, cascading water.  These images were sexy, gorgeous and beautiful beyond compare, however not illustrations.  
And then I thought of this illustration I did back in the 90's.  It is a simple pen drawing over a sketch of three friends and speaks to the circle of friendship.

My illustration is subtle in the representation of water, as it is more a backdrop to the three friends who make the balance in the circle created.  This illustration has always been a favorite of mine in it's cartoon like handling of the circular motion between each character.  I hope you like this submission as water envelopes our lives, rules our highs and lows with the changing tides and keeps us all alive, or water, by the lack of it, can take what is so precious to us away.

Thank you Illustration Friday for a very inspiring blog idea and a reason to broadcast my drawings once again!


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