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Sunday, January 06, 2013

New Beginnings, a New Year Ahead

Beginning of this New Year has been a slow observation of what lies ahead for me.  Daunting leftovers from last year and the desire to feel fresh and excited about the new possibilities brings me to remember, always slow down and smell the grateful roses on my path as I walk Prince Butters, my dog more commonly known as Buddy around our new home.

Change is inevitable as we are organic and thus subject to natural change.  No two morning are ever the same, neither are we when we wake to greet the morning.  Yesterday I slept in, today my neck hurts and I have a headache.  A change in weather can effect well laid out and discussed plans of the day into an unexpected experience, or better and perhaps more simply, a flat tire can have the same equally powerful effect.  Both can stop an adventure cold in it's tracks and force those perfect plans into perpetual regrouping as time pushes the timeline bye-bye.

Everyone is a bustle about having NY Resolutions. Why?  I keep my resolutions simple, do better and be better to all.  This way I believe I am improving on the gift of life given to me and the joy of those who I have contact with everywhere I travel.  I can gleam from this a better understanding of the path I take and the one laid in front of me, as these are different directions, both with strong pulls and minds of their own.  Even the best of preparation reminds me to pause and realize I have little to no clue of what lies ahead, there are far to many factors or possibilities, so it is best to move lightly and stay flexible whenever there is doubt about what to do next. When the need to answer one of life's burning questions comes up, I feel better prepared at being there in the fullest sense and finding a suitable answer best for all.

So rather than have resolutions, I am exploring goals, creating, imagining and achieving them, whether or not they are mine to have this year.  I try to also keep these goals simple, clear and easy to focus on.  The main one is to journal more and to not worry if I write a little or not at all, just accept I have way to many thoughts in my head and I just want to track them all for the year in one place, not scattered, as in the past and then searching for scotch tape to stick it down in my bulging book.  The other main goal is to empower my ability to create new paths for work, whether it is drawing, graphic design, packaging, teaching, or a combination of all in one project.  Building this foundation is key to a better journey I want to make happen.  Perhaps between these two goals I can prosper, invigorate my bank account, grow my circle of peeps and feel less intimidated at the power of the force surrounding my desires, always determined to distract me.

So like a child of the Universe, drifting and controlling steps in front of me, I carry on, plan to stay calm and smile at things that I can achieve, like fresh coffee in the morning, a simple conversation with my immediate family about today's events and the joys of being with my dog, Buddy who is a constance source of love, happiness and affection.


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