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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A tis-kit, a task kit, do you happen to see my basket?

The move is complete, My YR Drawing classes have ended too and now catching up is finding form in a nightmarish timeline only the brave of heart can juggle.

One week ago I experienced a true life impact not from the comfort of my t.v. viewing pleasure, but at night , in my car, in that weird time splurging speed trap which takes over when you are hit by another car.  It is the most ballet like motion dance, all slowed down so no moment of the actual crash is missed. The very second it is over though, life rushes back in and being responsible becomes the smart step to take.  I had that covered, life has told me over and over what not to do, so I did none of those things.

The happiness news is I am ok, I am grieving for my beautiful Black Pearl Elephant a Toyota Martix variety and thank her for her ultimate sacrifice in keeping me safe, her life.  Rumor is she is whispered about, over the many phone calls, as being totaled. So sad.

So be careful out there people.  Brains are not functioning.  And they hit things.  Here is a beautiful note from one of my students who I waved goodbye to, last Friday:


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