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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

More New Year Adjustments

There is a reluctance in my soul, maybe others have felt it too, which is my hesitation to embrace in joy and delight that we are now in a new year.  However with the change of an old year to a new year there are new year adjustments needed and this is where my reluctance comes in.  It also doesn't help that I had to move at the end of last year and half my life still resides in boxes while I manage my normal day to day.  Normal day to day for me is to stay compliant with unemployment (meaning look for work every day) and also continue to help my clients with the freelance work I have via my design studio, which has boxes and boxes surrounding my work area.

Not knowing where anything is still frustrating.  Lack of familiarity with the new habits I am trying to develop, because of the new digs, I stay frustrated, wanting miracles to occur to wipe this madness away.  I know only I can create the change that is needed to reduce this frustration, however I really wish magical beings would make it so without my help.

So what are these adjustments anyway?  Well the first is changing all your calendars.  Another is just remembering to write 2013 and not 2012. Then there is making notes in a new calendar for dates you agreed to show up at from last year, and well, I almost missed a few.  Gratefully and I am happy to report, I did not drop any new years balls yet!  I just finished transferring the new dates into this years "Monthly Planner 2013" as I found this really helped me stay focused last year, a vision I want to maintain this year.  I like having more than one calendar about me and I have two that are filled with the same information, so today I synced them together and the New Year has officially entered my heart of my business world.  I am more of the hand written calendar type than the iPhone or iCalendar on the desktop as I can glance and focus first on where I am today and then know what is coming without the need of gadgets.

January is a difficult month for me, I do not know how it is for others, but I feel the month presents a slow build to a year of unknown possibilities.  Because of that I walk with caution and take careful steps.  Three people I know are born in this month and I have their special days mapped out for me to remember, something I have not been so good about in past years, another area of improvement I want to work on.

So all this being said, I feel the steam of my forward movement has been launched today, eight days into the year late, and I am feeling the momentum building to a positive place.  Hope and faith in my achievements is what propels me, reality of what arrives keeps me honest or flexible, and desire to step off the cliffs into the unknown are habits I remember and never needed packing or unpacking, so it is all good.  Happy New Year to my readers, may the force be with us all!


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