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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Etsy, Etsy, Esty!

Ok this year is about finding ways to get my original creations and happy things into the hands of customers.  Four years ago come August 2013, I will be celebrating my fourth year on Etsy.  I opened my shop featuring my favorite things, Halloween Tiara's and then sold my first creation, a foam spider web design children's tiara.  This sale took place in September and I believed I was on a path without end of more and more bountiful happiness. Fast forward to today, I still believe in my tiara's as a good buy and a great idea, however while they are a great draw to my shop, they didn't do what I thought they would do, so I have more to learn.

These Halloween Tiara's are a stepping stone and a personal place of joy for me as I really do enjoy the fantasy of wearing costumes, making fun during the fall seasons and deserting it up for Halloween, so I remained inspired by halloween type of items. The tiara's have grown with additions to my  original line.  Customers have requested multiples of single designs for parties they plan for their kids, as the tiaras are great for either boys or girls.  I also make special  order designs which have also brought a different scope to finding tiara bargains in my store.

From this point, I diversified and added to my shop other items such as vintage jewelry, vintage items or really cool finds from thrifting as I am a vast collector of thrift store shopping.  

Now, advance forward four years to the wane of my third year on Etsy and with less than awesome sales that I had hoped I am doing research into finding a way to increase sales and this is a part of it.  

I have been in business a long time, working full time and part time, mostly in the graphic design business, either for another company or finding contract work when unemployed, giving my Etsy store not as much attention as I should.  Given better sales I probably would have been more attentive to the kind of promotion needed, however I was an owner and promoter of my work and life for me never has gone in a straight line.  As such I recently posted my most recent talent, banners for Etsy shops.  Bringing it all home to what I do for a living and what I love to do all under one roof.

I am a renaissance artist, running a renaissance shop where a customer can come and find just about anything from the curious to an original design straight from my desk.  Some of the work I do outside of Etsy ends up here such as the Sunflower picture, and original drawing I did while teaching a young lady how to draw.  Drawing too is a passion I have and a great gift from the universe to me, a personal present I have sat in wonder about and love being able to do anywhere!  Some of the work I have done here is also available at my shop  - again, it is a curiosity of magic and fun.

Going forward I am going to keep writing and keep blogging about my progress here in life, in business and about my hopes with my Etsy saga.  I will also be bringing you new posting previews of new things on Etsy, then Tweeting, Facebook-ing, tumblr-ing and who knows what else about my progress, so do stop back, figure out how to follow my progress, and help make the 13th year in this century and my fourth year on Etsy a real blast - that means share me with your friends and tell them it is a good idea. Besides, I know you love what I do and want to see where it all takes me, don't ya?


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