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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Words of wisdom sometimes come from strange places

Tonight I heard a quote, which I felt was good to send to my best friend.  She has had a rather unusual year by general standards as she has been challenged by life in ways that would crumble even the strongest person, yet she remains standing, functioning as best she knows how, given her year of events and is still looking towards the remaining of the year we all have left in front of us.  She is currently earning her intern hours needed to be given her license to become a licensed MFT counselor, (Marriage Family Therapist.)

She is really good at her job, albeit filled with the troubles most of us find horrible, too horrible to imagine, things that I watch on certain TV shows and wish were not real.    However this year she has been tested unfairly I think, but as many friends who enter the AA program, mention this thought, "God only gives you what you can handle", which in her world has been a lot these past few months, and her beliefs travel a personal path.

So here I sat, watching my show and at the end of the show, part of the bookend signature of the show, there is a follow up quote because the opening always has a quote, providing significance to the story about to unfold.  Tonight's closing quote had her name written all over it and I dedicate this blog notation to her and any other who finds comfort in reading this entry tonight or tomorrow or when ever.  For me, life is precious, difficult yet worth living; I am glad to have my gal friend in my life, she and I have a bond rarely found in friendships, so here you go girlfriend, be proud, heal and know you are loved.

Now the quote:

"It has been said 'Time heals all wounds,' I do not agree.  The wounds remain, in time the mind protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens, but is is never gone." Rose Kennedy, a la Criminal Minds, Season 2 Episode 1.


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