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Monday, May 13, 2013

I am very excited to announce I have collaborated with my Mom to write this book and it is now available for sale on!

My Mom had a great idea and shared it with me one day, which was to provide help for passionate crafters of hand made items and how to open a store to sell their creations on  Together we have written a very comprehensive, 51 page, downloadable book for anyone to read and use if opening a store on Etsy is what they want to do.  We wrote our book with the passionate artisan in mind, filled it with tips on business selling information and added some important business steps that others who sell similar books didn't have, which makes our book so special!

My Mom is a very creative artist.  Growing up I loved watching her create her crafts and have followed in her footsteps to be a very passionate artist and crafter myself.  She has always been a silent mentor for my creative soul and continues to inspire my life with ideas just like this one, which I am proud to say, she loved everything I added to her book idea.

I joined Etsy in 2009 bringing some of my original creations to buyers world wide with my original designs of Halloween inspired foam Tiaras.  I have now branched into craft supplies and vintage finds, which I think are very unusual, an animal lover item shop and inexpensive jewelry store as well.  I did this to centralize my focus for the buyers I attract.  My brain is on fire most of the time and this book was written to help others who love what they do, but need a bit more push to sell their stuff online.

I also work in the Graphic Design industry and have built my business on bringing magical solutions to clients who want or need my plethora of talents, which I have likened to being renaissance designer in a modern world.  I have been teaching elementary school aged children how to draw as I have a gift for drawing anything since the age of two!

So I do hope you buy our book.  It will give you the confidence needed to open a store on Etsy and share your talents with the world.  It can be very scary to be a business owner, especially if you are a passionate artist like we are, however we both believed in ourselves and want you to feel the same.


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