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Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Power of One

Nothing happens without a team, so in reality, there are more people behind the single person struggling to find their way in this ever increasing and difficult world.  Such as in the other day when I got this e-mail from my Mom about Etsy.  She knows me well and believes in the success of me and does what she can to assist where she can.  On this day she told me about something I had not known Etsy had done to their web site to help Etsy shops do more in promotion.  Etsy originally, when I first joined their site (2009), gave you the basic "About" page.  This is where you write a little bit of information about who you are and it is easy to access and change, which I have done when running specials in my shop.  Now they have added a more in depth "About Me" page, an extra to the original one, where the shop owner can talk about their "story" of how they came to be a shop owner.

Needless to say and two hours later I created my story, created the graphics for the moving banners and published it for all the world to see.  The new section also allows me to link to this blog which affords me more time to come here and write about my Etsy experience, challenges and dilemmas

I am a single person running a shop by myself while looking for work in the graphic/creative/packaging design industry, which has grown harder with the challenges of the internet bringing technical qualities to the table I have yet to completely master.  I wear many hats (wrote a children's story talking about such a person) and I am all things to many people.  Which is why I am grateful when someone who knows I may suffer from microscopic vision and can miss utilizing a tool before unknown to me.

So THANKS MOM, and thank you to all who visit my work on Etsy, my creative outlet for ideas from my head and vintage items from thrift stores, I really appreciate you stopping by.  I also hope you tell others about me as I want to grow and hire a person to help around the office so I can do more in the design world and less cleaning of the office! (ha ha).


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