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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A real Gentleman, Gary Henderson

I will be setting up his own blogspot soon, this has been a terrible year for close personal family friends; Gary Henderson (go to Facebook), passed away very recently. I had known him 24 years. He died gracefully battling yet another life threatening illness with his "next of kin" by his side so he wasn't alone.

We met at Telecharge in 1986 when I started there about a week or so before my wedding. We remained close and I saw him recently when my daughter and I traveled back to NYC for a 3-day weekend concert of AAR/Bon Jovi, Friday night in NJ about 2-3 years ago; time flies by so fast, I can’t keep on top of my life. That Saturday night, he joined us in Greenwich Village and showed my daughter how cool NYC is; she also learned stories about her mom when I was younger, over a meal in a village fast food place, probably Taco Bell, Gary & I are always mindful of our pocket change!

I miss you Gary, as do all of your friends and we will honor your memory with the grace and dignity and laughter you brought to our lives. Now go put on a good show, say hello to your Mom for us and smile, you are still loved by those of us left behind...


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