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Thursday, March 18, 2010

It never gets easy

Yesterday I had my world shaken as I read a piece of mail from the Reunion Committee notifying the class of 1970 at U.S. Grant H.S.; the clue that caused me to pause was the year of the class reunion, 1970, not my year. When I turned it over it was addressed to Mark. Like the feel of cold ice water hitting you unexpectedly, I realized, this might happen again, so I prepare myself for what I don't expect.

My world then transpired into finding an appropriate photo if they do those things as I thought about my next steps, I had never been to the Odyssey Restaurant when I hear my daughter exclaim from the kitchen, "$80 per person?!@#! That's Nuts!" She has never been to the Odyssey... ...she continues, "Hello, soda, punch and a gymnasium, that's all you need for a reunion!" And with that she has helped me realize another part of Mark, his contempt for money waste and I laugh at her thinking.

I put the notice in my bag making it part of tomorrow and forget all about it until now.


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